Holiday 2021

From all of us at Nix Hydra Games, we want to wish you Happy Holidays! We are so thankful for your ongoing support and kindness through this entire year!  We could not have gone this far without you!

If you will be ordering from us for your holiday gifts, we want to give you the best chance we can for items to arrive on time.

Because of port issues, and various delays caused by global COVID-19 outbreak responses, we cannot guarantee dates for holiday arrivals. We’ve drafted a deadlines guide for you, with our suppliers & couriers shipping cutoff deadlines so all our customers can plan ahead.

In summary: Place your orders early! If you are online ordering from *any* business this year, we strongly encourage all our customers to be proactive. We are experiencing delays across the board.

These shipping deadlines are not guarantees that shipments will arrive in time. These are estimates given to us by our shipping services.

These deadlines are set for a 25 December arrival. If your holiday falls on or before this date, please plan accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: December launch items are not guaranteed to arrive before 25 December 2021, please plan accordingly.

The deadline for timely arrival of all items shipping to USA destinations is 15 December 2020.
 The deadline for timely arrival of all items shipping to all international destinations is 01 December 2021.
The deadline for timely arrival for printed-to-order items (all apparel) arriving to ALL destinations is 08 December 2021.

You must place your order before the above dates, for an arrival on or before 25 December! Orders placed after this date will ship as normal. However, these packages will not arrive in time for the 25th.

Additional Notes:

The Nix Hydra Games merchandise unit will be closed on the following dates. Orders placed during this time will not be shipped until the team returns to work, and emails will be answered after this period.

United States Thanksgiving Break: 25 November 2021 - 29 November 2021

Nix Hydra Holiday Break: On or around 24 December 2021 - 07 January 2021

We want to thank you again for a wonderful (if wild) year. We wish all of you well, and happy holidays!

The Nix Hydra Merch Team