(PREORDER)The Arcana ✦ Faust Plushie

$40.00 USD

CAUTION: contains small parts!

The best girl came home! Our plush Faust is a wonderful addition to any cosplay, or toy collection! Faust comes with three accessories which magnetize to her little mouth. She wants to give you a hug, and she'll be traveling home to you in late March, to April of 2021!

Dimensions & Details:
-3 feet long
- body diameter: 2.5 inches
-accessories are about 1 inch long each

Faust also comes with three magnetic plush accessories:
-a tiny forked tongue (for blepping)
- a small pink heart (Faust brought you a heart from whoever you were looking for in Heart Hunter!)
-a knife! (NO!)

Faust is made of soft polyester with a low pile. She is very soft to the touch. Her eyes, and mouth are embroidered.

Due to demand (wow!), and size of this item, Faust plush will be mailed via our third-party manufacturer, who also fulfills our apparel orders! All orders containing in-house items will be split, and mailed separately, free of charge.

CAUTION: This is a collector's item. Faust has a poseable wire, small plush parts, and magnets. This makes her unsafe for children under 14, and all pets!