The Arcana ✦ Faust Plushie

$40.00 USD Coming Soon

CAUTION: contains small parts!

The best girl came home! Our plush Faust is a wonderful addition to any cosplay, or toy collection! Faust comes with three accessories which magnetize to her little mouth. She wants to give you a hug, and she's coming home right now!

Dimensions & Details:
-3 feet long
- body diameter: 2.5 inches
-accessories are about 1 inch long each

Faust also comes with three magnetic plush accessories:
-a tiny forked tongue (for blepping)
- a small pink heart (Faust brought you a heart from whoever you were looking for in Heart Hunter!)
-a knife! (NO!)

Faust is made of soft polyester with a low pile. She is very soft to the touch. Her eyes, and mouth are embroidered.

CAUTION: This is a collector's item. Faust has a poseable wire, small plush parts, and magnets. This makes her unsafe for children under 14, and all pets!