The Arcana - Wedding Certificate Kit

$7.00 USD

"The Registrar of Fursona Assignment & Marriage is now taking applications for marriage for the Spring 2020 season. For further instruction, please contact your local Praetor." --from

-This kit includes one(1) 5 inch by 7 inch certificate for the love interest of your choice, and one(1) 5-inch by 7-inch sticker sheet. Featuring artwork by Catherine Dang!
-1 sticker sheet contains 9 clear-cut stickers: 3 wax-seal style stickers, 5 various wedding florals, and 1 secular-officiant Vlastomil presiding!
- These items will begin shipping immediately, but please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.
- These items are LIMITED EDITION items, and will only be available until 01 June 2020!