The Arcana ✦ Plushies Vol. 1

$40.00 USD

UPDATE 12/17/2021: We just received the order today to our warehouse. They are starting to ship the preorders to customers as of today. We are already out of stock of Nadia plushies and we will be ordering more but it will take several months to arrive to the warehouse. Thank you.

CAUTION: contains small parts!

Welcome home! Asra, Nadia, and Julian have arrived in plush form. Designed by Angelica Russel, these plush are perfect snuggle companions and a part of our permanent collection.

Dimensions & Details:
-20 cm/ 8 inches
-Embroidered face, and hair details
-Each character comes dressed in their outfit pictured. This outfit is removable, and swappable with other outfits that fit 20cm plush
- This is a preorder item! This set will begin shipping in November of 2021.
-Each character is made of soft polyester, and low pile 'minky'. This material is very soft to the touch.

CAUTION: These are considered collector's item. Because each plush has small parts attached, they are unsafe for children under 14, and all pets!

Please note that we have no control over customs fees incurred by destination countries. We cannot account for these charges. We strongly recommend all buyers familiarize themselves with their region’s customs and import policies before purchase. Thank you.

Where are Muriel, Portia, and Lucio?
They're coming soon! Plush design is very time, and labor intensive, so we needed to stagger these out. We're working on them right now, stay tuned!