The Arcana ✦ Tarot Kit

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A companion set for reading Tarot. This kit includes a reading cloth, carrying pouch, and a PDF quick start guide (this differs from the Companion Guidebook). NOTE: The Tarot Deck is NOT included with this product and needs to be purchased separately.

-Reading cloth features a chalk-design render of the character route astrolabe as seen in the Arcana.
-22-inch by 22-inch
-100% polyester, single-sided dye sublimation printing
-4-inch by 6-inch plain violet velvet carrying pouch
-PDF quick start guide arrives via secure download email.
-this quick-start guide contains the text as seen in the Arcana tarot reading feature.
-for PDF troubleshooting (download failures, missed emails, screenreader errors, etc), please email!
-Tarot deck is not included

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