Should we be Nix Worms? Or Worm Hydra? (Stickers)

$3.00 USD - $12.00 USD

Were you expecting something original?? Something elevated?? You're certainly in the right place, because we are happy to announce we now make interactive visual novels....for worms! Gender is fake, so we decided to refocus our demographic to a species that doesn't perceive gender. What better market than the worm market?!?!?! We will be replacing all your faves with worm-on-a-strings (worms-on-strings?) from this day forward! Commemorate this joyous pivot with some Extremely Good(TM) stickers, showcasing our new and improved 2d spouses!
-These are 100% real though. We are shipping them immediately!
- Each sticker sheet comes with one of each love interest from their respective games
- Wormcana is a 4in x 6in sticker sheet (lots of worms to fit). The rest are 4in x 4in sticker sheets
-✨Free string with every order!✨
- These will be available only while supplies last, so hurry! Otherwise, the merch manager will wallpaper her house with them!
-Everything you love is worms.
- Show us your MC worms, we know you have them.👀
- We should totally be Nix Hydra Worms

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